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Saturday Drawing of sorts....seeing sounds

Until lock down I was working in a library.  Apart from the primary function as a place to store and order books, the library is a place for quiet study so I am used to silence.  Noticing every footstep, whisper or electronic ping from a gadget that hadn't been silenced I was used to hearing the tiny sounds of life, but the quiet of lock down is different. There is quiet everywhere.  In a house with two of us working in a small space we keep it quiet so we can concentrate.  Now the sounds that mark my day are people passing in the street, the kettle boiling on the stove, the swish of the washing machine and the bird song.
I know it's Saturday because I've got the radio on.

What does listening look like?  Give a colour or a shape to the sounds you can hear. Do the trees sound different now that the leaves are full and green?  I liked hearing rain this week.  Think Kandinsky..

1913 Composition no 6

Email if you would like to share your work.  info@irregularcircle.com.  Happy weekend.