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Single Line Drawings

After some thought about the ways to share drawings is to do just do some and post them here. 

Draw with me.

If you would like to join in then at 5pm today sit down with a pencil and paper.
Create a still life.  It can be some fruit, a bottle and a box.  Try to have different materials and shapes but it doesn't really matter.  Have five or six items to draw.
Put one item in front of you and draw it.  A single line, don't take the pencil off the page.  Add the next object and draw that.  Don't look at the page too much, keep your eye on the objects and add them in until you have drawn all the objects.
I will do this exercise at 5pm today Saturday 28th March and post my drawings here and on face book.  If anyone would like to post their pictures they can email them to me or post to facebook.

This is mine.  I've got to say I have forgotten what an effort it is to keep the pencil on the page.

Thanks for everyone who has sent drawings so far.